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About me

Hello again, I'm Fiona Oakley, a freelance UX/UI designer working remotely from the United Kingdom.

For 2+ years I've been streamlining user experiences by creating useful, intuitive, and viable product experiences.

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My UX design process

My approach to design encompasses the research to thoroughly understand your business, your user and your product vision and ideas. From there, I progress through each step of the design process including producing low fidelity minimum viable products, prototyping UI designs, carrying out usability testing and handing over useful documentation to your developers. Throughout this process, I will communicate findings, ideas and actions to create an optimum design.





Problems & Goals

Subject Analysis

User Stories

User Journeys

Low fidelity sketches

Priority & Optimization


Visual Design

User Testing & Iteration

Style Guide

Document Handover

What makes me tick?

I am happiest when

I am helping businesses succeed. I do this by approaching new projects in a strategic way that encompasses understanding your business objectives and what your customers need.

I work at optimal productivity when

I combine leadership, creativity and analytical skills to my design work and I am passionate about communicating with businesses putting plans into action to realise their potential. 

I focus on user-centric design

I believe in the importance of starting with thorough research to gain insight into your user's needs and goals, while ensuring alignment to your business mission. For this to occur, I will need some of your time, and honest feedback so that I can determine the requirements and scope, and I will set up direct communications with you for easy contact.

For me, design isn't just about the visual elements of a product; it's about how people feel when they use it and whether a design helps them to achieve their needs and goals.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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