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UX/UI Designer

Fiona Oakley - United Kingdom remote

I work remotely as a multifaceted designer with a passion for understanding human behaviour.

I can help solve your problems and increase business value by creating functional and delightful digital experiences through design. 

I believe for a business to evolve, we must innovate in a way that reflects today's problems. Asking the right questions and testing responses drives effective problem-solving.

How can I help you?

I have 2+ years of experience streamlining digital experiences across mobile, web and desktop, plus 10+ years of working within multidisciplinary sectors of business.

Explore, interpret 

& ideate 

Deep diving into your users needs, I will create prototypes in Figma to showcase your ideas.

Enhance an existing product

By exploring an existing process, we can find ways to improve and scale up with new features.

Rapidly test your new designs

Applying an iterative process of design, test and refine ensures optimal design solutions.

Featured Projects


Support tool for investors

NestEgg supports novice investors explore property opportunities. 

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Safety for hikers

PLANIT helps hikers stay safe on their trails. 

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Vocab learning

wordz helps busy people effectively learn new vocabulary. 

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What people say about me..

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Sergio Rodriguez

CEO of Mage Technologies

"Fiona is enthusiastic and very easy to communicate with. I'd work with her again given the chance.

She did a detailed and thorough UX audit of our marketplace product and flagged up several issues that we acted on, to help make the user journey more streamlined."

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Emma Bouchard

Product Manager at Journey

"Fiona offers a wealth of experience and would be a real asset to any team lucky enough to have her.

She has excellent attention to detail and will go above and beyond to ensure the quality of her work is second to none and will always make time to help and provide feedback to those around her.”

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Rachael Page

Snr. Product Designer at Artfuly

"Fiona has excellent attention to detail and understands the UX process thoroughly. She is one of those rare UX-ers who really thinks through all the nuances."

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S H Seinader

Snr. Designer at Cogent

"Fiona is a compassionate manager who grasps the nettle of complex problems, helps direct processes for improvement and understands how to bring out the best in people."

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Patricia Carballar

Scrum Master at Enreach Labs

"Fiona is one of the most focused people I have worked with. I admired her directive leading projects and collaboration across teams in order to find the best solution."

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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